Illustration for article titled Miniaturized HDMI Connector Is As Small As Micro USB, Still Drives Your HDTV

Molex has prototyped a new miniature HDMI connector called Type D, which boasts the whole range of regular HDMI specs—19 pins, 10.2 Gbit/s bandwidth, HDCP, etc.—in a package the size of a Micro USB cable.


A compact HDMI plug, called Type C, already exists, but this version is less than half the size of even that. It may seem like halving an already small plug standard isn't hugely significant, but given HDMI's apparent trajectory toward use in mobile phones and portable devices, hitting that comfortable Micro USB size might be just enough to convince hardware designers that adding an extra A/V port—dedicated, mind you—to their devices isn't such a terrible prospect. [Tech-On]

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