Mintpad Web-Surfing-Camera-Thingie Coming to the US

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I was excited to learn that the Mintpad—a Wi-Fi enabled, 2.9-inch touchscreen web-surfing pad and media player with 1.3-megapixel cam, microphone and built-in speaker—is coming to the US.

The 4GB device—which goes for $143 in Korea—has many functions included, like a calendar, a notes app, blogging application, book store, chatting music, video playback and recording, photos, and web browsing "with Flash support."


So yes, I was excited, but then I remembered that—except for the Flash support, the video recording, and the fact that is a WinCE 5.0 Pro device—it's like the description of a $229 iPod touch in a thicker box and with half the storage (and the iPod gets you one zillion more apps in a much sleeker package with real touchscreen with higher resolution—not a pressure-based one.)

Still, it's a cute device, but probably not enough unless they price it here really cheap. [Poketables]

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How the hell can anyone read those charts?