Minus the Bear: Get Me Naked 2: The Electric Boogaloo

This Thanksgiving, I did something a lot of us do on most holidays; I took a long drive. It's always key to have the right soundscape for your holiday travels whether it be podcasts, audiobooks, or music. If you're looking for driving tunes, Minus the Bear's "Get Me Naked 2: The Electric Boogaloo" is up there.


Really it's the whole album—Highly Refined Pirates—that's ideal for driving, but this song is one of the best. The chilled-out guitar tapping is just vamp-y enough to easy you into that relaxed sort of driving-meditation, and just puts you in a great mood to be sailing down the road. And while sophisticated, meaning-laden lyrics are great sometimes, Highly Refined Pirates packs some of the most wonderfully inconsequential lyrics, the lyrical equivalent of delicious-yet-empty calories. "Spritz!!! Spritz!!!" for example is literally just about driving.

Minus the Bear has gone on to make plenty other albums that are of varying quality depending on who you talk to, but Highly Refined Pirates stands out as a classic chillout record, and "Get Me Naked 2: The Electric Boogaloo," awkward name aside, is a great place to hop in. [Amazon, Spotify, iTunes]



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