And it is certain that if ever you turn away from the Lord your Mio, and go after the Garmin, I bear witness to you today that destruction will overtake you. —Deuteronomy 8:19(ish)

But no, seriously. What the hell is a "kosher" GPS unit? Apparently this kind of thing has been happening for a while, and has a pretty simple explanation. Many Orthodox rabbis discourage internet access, but do allow certain basic technologies like cellphones and, I guess, GPS devices. The Mio Ma'amin (translation: Mio Believer) is mindful of a variety of orthodox sensitivities, as it is stripped of online connectivity, contains a directory of thousands of kosher restaurants and Jewish points of interest, a bevy of prayer materials and a male, or rather, not female, voice.


It's a shame that intense religion is so effective at destroying irony, because most of this device's customers will never appreciate the humor in trying to divine the correct specs for your GPS unit from thousands-of-years-old documents printed on parchment scrolls. Oh well! The Ma'amin's going on sale in Israel for about $240. [Jerusalem PostThanks, Michael!]


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