Mirrored Tea Cups Perfectly Match These Patterned Saucers

You've probably heard the story of the painter who was able to perfectly match the color of a room to a priceless vase by simply painting the vase to match. That's the basic idea behind this matching Waltz Cup & Saucer set, whose mirror-finished tea cup will match any surface on which it's placed.


Designed by Japan's D-Bros brand, each cup is made by hand from Hasami porcelain and coated in palladium to ensure the finish is as absolutely perfect as possible. The resulting effect is a good reason to get a really wild tablecloth for the dining room—although at $86 for a single cup and saucer set, all your dinner guests might all have to share the same cup. [Spoon & Tamago]

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Two Replies

Seriously though... it's a mirror finish.
So of course it'll match whatever it's placed near. O_o

Other thought....
Palladium is of arguable toxicity... so why would you want to risk using a cup coated in it?
Even if you're not licking the outside of it (impossible since it's painted right up to the rim your lips touch), it's still going to be washed with other dishes (regardless of by hand or machine).
So unless you're a particularly passive aggressive jackhole with a friend having a nickel allergy, this seems like a pretty poorly thought out product.

Or at least a great example of form over function...

Ref: http://goo.gl/g77efs