Missing Sync V4 Released, Supports Windows Mobile 6

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Windows Mobile owners who own Macs will be familiar with Missing Sync, the app that lets you sync your smartphone to OS X's Calendar and iCal (among other things). The latest version is available, and brings support for newer phones and phones running Windows Mobile 6. Other new features are a video plug-in for video importing and call log/SMS log importing to grab the call list/SMS list from your phone onto your computer. If you've got a WM phone and a Mac, you need to get this. [MarkSpace via MacWorld]

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still have to boot into Windows or use VPC or an actual PC to install applications from .exe files. which *most* applications are.

the "solution" of telling the developer to "make a .cab installer too!" was sort of weak and just shifted responsibility from MarkSpace to about a thousand random developers. convenient for MarkSpace ... less convenient for the end-user and the thousands of other developers.

seems like something like DarWINE / CrossOver could be eventually incorporated to allow .exe installs... but based on the original "solution" i am thinking MarkSpace doesn't really care.