MIT Brings Nintendo Wii To The Blind, Rhythmically Inclined

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The guys at MIT's gaming lab just unveiled AudiOdyssey, a game for the Wii that doesn't require sight to play. The game is sort of a musical composition tool, in which players create layered beats for an imaginary crowd of dancers. The game does have a minimal visual component but for the most part just relies on your ears and your beat droppin' (or for the less whimsical, Wiimote swinging) skills.


You play as fictional DJ called "Vinyl Scorcher," who, with this name, continues in a long and proud tradition of blind rappers and MCs who honestly should have called themselves something else (See F.A.T. , and B-Lite, the guy pictured above). The game was originally designed for keyboard use with the PC (Windows users can try it out here) but Tuesday's debut of the Wii version should bring joy to fans - eyeball-equipped or not - of simple, immersive games.




Nothing but my usual obvious observations, here ...

The 'concept' of the Wii is astounding. The concept was so basic, and everyone is taking it in different directions that Nintendo never dreamed. What is more amazing than the Wii is that Nintendo is letting them do it - whether it has anything to do with the Wii system or not. It is fantastic to see, and hopefully is setting an example for Sony and Microsoft to follow in the future.