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MIT, Sony Turn Hand Sketches Into Physics-ready Systems (With Videos)

We're pretty sure these two pieces of software were developed separately, but both MIT and Sony have come up with a way to take hand-drawn sketches and turn them into little worlds with embedded physics engines. Sony's uses their PS Eye to take either hand-drawn objects or just stuff they have laying on top of a paper and animating it into a little world. One awesome example is scanning in a hand-drawn tank and putting it into a tank battle game (which another Sony employee messes up by bringing in a real tank). Check out these three videos after the jump.

MIT's example below shows a whiteboard application in windows that takes what this y draws (in Paint, no less) and renders it in motion. Quite neat, but not quite as cool as Sony's. [TechEBlog]


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That's my User Interface Design professor in the last video. She was a grad student then, so that was probably at least 3 years ago, likely 5 or 6. Of course it's not going to look as slick as Sony's recent work.