Mitsubishi Demos World's Smallest Projector, the PK10

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Powered by three LEDS rather than the traditional lamp, Mitisubishi's PK10, they claim, is the world's smallest projector. The Japanese electronics giant showed just what the PK10 PocketProjector can do when it was installed in a concept car of theirs. Whilst mounted, the projector was used to display various data on a transparent screen on the dashboard.

The PK10 PocketProjector features your everyday RCA inputs on the back, allowing users to connect any number of electronic devices to the projector for some wholesome projector fun.

Mitubishi hails the projector's low cost as a major coup, yet doesn't bother to release price or availability information, if it's coming out for consumers at all.


Mitsubishi PK10 PocketProjector - Worlds Smallest Projector Tried Out In A Mitsubishi Concept CT Care [Mobile Whack via Ubergizmo]

UPDATE As several readers have pointed out, the PK10 is in fact available right now, for the now so low price of $800. We must be blind.