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Mix-O-Matic for Charity: It's the Thought That Counts

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Mix it up with Mix-O-Matic, a charity project of the Warner Music Group where every music mix you create and send to the company's website results in a donation to Habitat for Humanity in your name. You download the small, easy-to-use Mix-O-Matic application, and put together your own "Jingle Bell Rock" mix. It's tons-o-fun.


But casting a slightly cynical eye toward this project:

First of all the Warner Music Group doesn't mention how much money it donates to Habitat for Humanity for each mix you send. Plus, Habitat for Humanity International, a religious organization dedicated to eliminating poverty housing and homelessness and whose motto is "Building houses with God's people in need," has a two-star (out of a possible four) efficiency rating from the Charity Navigator, Your Guide to Intelligent Giving. And its CEO earns over $210,000 a year. Just thought you might want to know.


U-MYX - Get inside the Music! [Warner Music Group]

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Glad to see that there are people who see through the thin shroud of "All Charity is AWESOME!"

Should I also take a moment to point out this is for 'The Season', which is really based on Pagan and Roman holidays that had nothing to do with the real birth of Jesus and everything to do with making the choice of Christianity or Death a bit easier for all the 'heathens'?

People who do research and know the truth are cool.