The idea behind Mobile Logger is simple: Logging and analyzing trip data—particularly from bikes—via open source iPhone app that collects a ton of data, from route and noise level, to speed and altitude, aggregating it for cool visualizations.


Here's the overal ethos of the project, by its creator Robert Carlsen:

What I'm really interested in exploring is a sense of connection between us by sharing our experiences. I ride a bike daily through NYC, and encounter many other cyclists, walkers and drivers. We pass each other in a moment, or perhaps share a lane for a bit and then continue on our separate ways. How does my 5 mile, 25 minute ride from Greenpoint to the East Village compare to someone riding from Queens? What does a ride around Prospect Park share with one in Central Park? Whats the loudest part of the city for a cyclist? Where are the most frequently ridden routes?


He's definitely looking for more users to pump in more data (and don't you wanna know about your own bike routes?), so if you've got a bike and an iPhone, you should check it out—it's got the most potential out of any project I saw at ITP to turn into something much, much bigger. [MobileLogger, iTunes, ITP]

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