Moby Whisk Is a Great (Egg) White (Mixing) Whale For Your Kitchen

It seems the recent trend of giant sea creatures invading your kitchen isn't going away anytime soon—and we're not talking about calamari made from giant squid. This adorable mixing tool, affectionately known as Moby Whisk, is the perfect accompaniment to that Nessie Ladle from last week.


Who cares if it looks like the skeleton of a half-decomposed whale with nothing but the tail remaining? That's all part of its charm. And it's not like the tail is made from blubber that's going to stink up your kitchen as it rots away—it's actually made from heat-resistant plastic so it won't be destroyed when you toss it in the dishwasher. If you can think of a more fun (and legal) way to spend $18, we'd like to see it. [Amazon via bookofjoe]

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