Modular Knife Blocks Served A La Carte

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It's easy to be upsold into buying a huge knife set, while in reality, a properly handled chef's knife can tackle 99.9% of the cutting you have to do. But one knife alone in a block can look so lonely.

So J.A. Henckels commissioned designer Aaron Root to come up with a solution for those who'd like to expand their wares a knife at a time, and Root completely nailed the solution.


You buy a knife, it comes with a one-knife block. (That unto itself is pretty neat.) But this block also has magnets that allow it to stick to other blocks...or hey, even the fridge.

Hopefully, now that Henckels has the concept in their hands, they'll actually put the design into production (even though I'll be a WÜSTHOF man 4 life). [Aaron Root via Yanko via DVICE]


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