Mom of the Year Makes Her Son's Lunch Look Like Awesome Art

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With Mother's Day right around the corner, it's a good idea to tell your mom you love her. Go ahead, she's done a lot for you. If you're the son of Heather Sitarzewski though, you might have to give a little extra love. Wonderful soul Heather turns her son's lunches into amazing pieces of art.

According to what Heather told BoingBoing, she "decided during this past summer that [she] wanted to make a fun bento every day for [her] son's lunches this school year." To say the lunches she makes are just 'fun' is an understatement, they're inspired edible greatness that use popular children's characters and a wicked imagination to make healthy vegetables and crustless bread awesome. Michelin starred chefs don't got it like this. In her words:

Day one I put together a cute, generic style, bento. I knew immediately that I wanted to do Disney characters and other fun imagery. But little did I know, that crazy idea I had during the summer, would be received so warmly with my Facebook friends. I started posting them daily there and got so many requests for a place to see them all at once. A book, a blog... a tumblelog.


You can find all her wonderful creations at Lunchbox Awesome. She said she used recipes she found online to create these masterpieces but I'm sure there's more than a tinge of her goodness in them too. Ah, I miss the days of bringing lunch to school. Well, not really but I totally would miss it if I had these lunches. [Lunchbox Awesome via BoingBoing]

PS. I love you mom!

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All I know is I barely had time this morning to throw some spaghetti-o's in thermoses and add a little banana and a fruit snack for my two little monsters lest they miss the bus. This must be a stay at home mom. That should not take away from the fact that this is pretty darn cool.