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Monday App Giveaway: Banzai Rabbit for iPhone

Illustration for article titled Monday App Giveaway: Banzai Rabbit for iPhone

Back when it was called Frogman, Matt praised Banzai Rabbit for its gorgeous 3D graphics and for wearing its influences—the Tick and Frogger among them—on its superhero-costume sleeve. Now the developer's giving 50 lucky Giz readers free copies.


Revolutionary Concepts, the prolific developers behind our last giveaway for Karate Champ, are back with Banzai Rabbit, a beautiful 3D platformer with action-packed superhero gameplay.


They're giving away free copies of the excellent game to the first 50 Giz readers to email with the subject "Giz Giveaway." But if you're not quite quick enough, don't worry: they're holding Banzai Rabbit at the intro price of $2.99 for 48 more hours before it shoots up to its regular price of $4.99.

If that tickles your fancy, take note: Karate Champ is currently on sale for the special price of $.99—check it out in the App Store if you missed it the first time around!

Big thanks to Revolutionary Concepts for making this giveaway possible. [iTunes]


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Next time... Maybe they can just create a link... That takes you to a special page... Because so help me, if I don't get a free one, because of my slow assed email client... I will be pissed.