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Gizmodo, Karate Champ Team Up For Exclusive Giveaway

So you like gaming classic Karate Champ, just like we do? Have an iPhone? Great, because we have a little giveaway for you this afternoon, and the rules couldn't be simpler:


The iPhone game's developer, Revolutionary Concepts, has provided us with 100 free copies of the game. How do you get them? Again it's really, really simple.

Just send an email to Revolutionary Concepts at The first 100 emails they receive get a code worth one (1) Karate Champ game (normally $2 in the App Store).


Please note: Anyone can download the game, but only U.S. iTunes account holders are eligible for the free download code. [Karate Champ]

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See, this is why checking tech news sites on the weekend isn't a complete waste of time.