Monday's Best Stories

Yesterday we had movie news (Iron and Bat men), iPhone stuff (Bluetooth headsets and security headaches), Zune items (the new ad and its Christmas plans) and outdoors stuff (boat-in-a-bag and tents). This is just some of the stuff you missed.
• We had a look at Apple's bluetooth headset unboxed.
• Take a butcher's at Batman's latest sets of wheels.
• Charlie White reviews the Philips Ambi-Sound system.
• There's a new Zune commercial airing this weekend.
• Turn yourself into Wuffalo Wiill with a Wii rifle.


Full-size working Halo warthog is on the rampage.
• See what David Pogue said about waterproof camcorders.
• Access your desktop from your iPhone via Soonr software.
Motorola's Marcos is the company's first cellphone with Wi-Fi.
• Robert Downey Jr throws down the gauntlet as Ironman.
• Boeing are developing a truck-mounted laser defense system.
• Ugh. Elvis is unskinned.
Super-strong tent for hardcore campers.
• Sailors can pack up their catamaran in a bag and take to the waves.
PlayStation 3 upgrades promise to be better than ever.
• Now we've got one-year-olds playing with the iPhone.
• There's been a security breach on the iPhone.
• Are these the Zune's holiday plans?