Psychedelic New Zune Commercial Airs This Saturday

Here's a new commercial for the Microsoft Zune that's just been completed. Directed by Ryan Dunn for Vitamin Pictures, our insiders tell us it'll air this Saturday. The graphics were created in Adobe Illustrator (and a bit of Photoshop, too) and then animated using Maya 3D, Sketch Toon (a plugin for Maya) and Adobe After Effects. Wow!

Not sure what the Zune has to do with a guy and gal floating around, taking pictures of each other and falling in love, but we like the way the music works with the visuals. Where's the Zune? Is this a branding exercise? Oh well, it's art.


So because it does show the product, it's crap? Wrong.

Commercials like this are meant to get people to ask, what is a Zune? The commercial doesn't 'work' for us because we all know about the Zune already. We are not the target audience.

If you see a commercial for a Zune and they show you the product, you know it's just another PMP. Unless you are currently in the market for a PMP, there is nothing to encourage you to learn more.

If you saw that commecial and didn't already know what a Zune is, you might me tempted to learn more just to see what it is. And once you learn more, maybe you will like what you see.

/not a Zune owner

// not an iPod owner either