Monoprice Just Gave the 3D Printer a Crazy Price Cut

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With many machines well over the $2,000 mark, 3D printers are still mostly sequestered to use by professionals. Monoprice, the cut-rate technology powerhouse, is slicing more than a few hundreds off the price point with a 3D printer that costs $1,200.


According to TechCrunch, this dual extruder model printer is based on MakerBot's original Replicator, the current model of which goes for $2,899 right now. It can do multi-color print jobs and runs at a rate of 24cc per hour—and it comes with two spools of PLA filament, too, which will help offset the price of materials. It's definitely a few centimeters smaller than the Replicator, though.

Is it the most precise printer out there? It's hard to say, and we'll have to wait until actual reviews come in. But a cheaper desktop 3D printer is long overdue—at least for consumers who aren't interested in building their own. If you're already convinced, buy it here. [TechCrunch]

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For me it needs to be in the <$500 range and I need to get MUCH better with 3D modelling software before I can justify this purchase. Just the thought of replacing a part on a mower or appliance with a 3D printed copy makes me feel....weird.