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Monroe stars in “The Great Brain Vasectomy Caper” in this week’s Grimm

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Although last night’s Grimm was titled “One Angry Fuschbau,” it was Monroe’s episode from start to finish. I’m still not convinced Monroe’s as hilarious as everyone seems to think, but he’s still massively likable, and he rocked last night, whether he was helping Julliette, protecting Rosalee, or trying to inject frogs full of magic potions.

But I’m getting ahead of myself! Let’s begin with the case of the week, since that’s what the episode does. Six months ago, a lion-Wesen husband tossed his mouse-Wesen wife off his second story balcony, murdering her in full view of his maid (whom he does not kill, which seems a poor decision after you’ve already committed one murder). In the present, his trial has begun, with Rosalee on the jury. Lion-Husband has hired a Ziegevolk — one of those satyr-like Wesen who secrete pheromones to influence people, as seen early in the first season — as his lawyer, meaning the lawyer can use his glands to affect both the jury and the witnesses’ testimony.

Which he does, even making Rosalee believe the dude’s innocent — thanks to some incredibly CG toads that he eats, which kick his pheromones into overdrive. Monroe, having attended the trial after dropping Rosalee off, catches the lawyer eating one such toad in the courthouse's bathroom. He alerts the Scooby gang, who do the research to figure out how to give him what Rosalee unfortunately terms a “brain vasectomy,” permanently shutting down the part of the Ziegevolk’s brain that controls the pheromone to prevent him from jury-tampering in the future, while making sure Murdering Lion-Husband gets convicted.


This require two elaborate and kind of silly scenes, the first of which has Monroe in Blutbad mode attack and chase the lawyer, causing him to run away, causing him to sweat, causing him to run into Bud, who drives the lawyer to safety and offers him his handkerchief, which nets Bud (and the Scoobies) the lawyer’s sweat. Rosalee uses it to make the Brain Castration Juice, which leads to silly scene #2, where Monroe sneaks into the lawyer’s apartment to inject it into one of the lawyer’s Frog Snacks, while Nick and Hank distract him by asking him about the "assault."


It all works out, of course, for everybody but the lawyer, who comes to Rosalee’s shop, distraught over the mysterious loss of his power. When he sees Rosalee, he figures out what’s happened, and then makes the poor decision to attack her, which causes Monroe to hand him his ass. Luckily, Nick and Hank are there, and arrest him for assault before Monroe can kill him. Dude’s had a bad day.

Of course, now that Grimm is better at mixing the stand-alone stories with the overarching plots, the lawyer stuff only takes up half the episode; the rest is devoted to:


• Monroe, as per Nick’s request, takes Juliette to the trailer. It goes much better than the last time, although she doesn’t really figure out the Grimm stuff, mostly because she starts seeing many, many Nick memories all at once. This continues even after she leaves.


• Nick gets a coded email from his mother, which seems to indicate she's well on her way to destroying the Coins of Zakynthos.

• Renard tells Nick and Hank about the Verrat attack from last week’s episode.

• Adelind meets with Renard’s brother, who announces his plans to go to Portland to meet with his brother. That should be interesting.


It’s not a lot, but it’s enough to keep things moving and indicate the world of Grimm is larger than the single Wesen-o’-the-Week cases. I’d love it if the two parts of the episode could somehow match each other more thematically, but all that means is that I wish a good show would be great. Honestly, it’s not the worst problem for Grimm to have.


Assorted Musings:

• I have to assume Lion-Wesen Husband and Mouse-Wesen Wife got married after she pulled a thorn out of Lion-Wesen Husband’s paw.


• Would getting tossed off a second story balcony really kill you? Probably if you landed on your head, I guess.

• One of the dozens of Nick memories Juliette gets swamped with at the end of the episode is Nick getting ready to play a song he wrote for her. I’m genuinely interested in hearing how terrible it is, because there is no way it is not terrible.


• I thought I saw the yellow pheromones coming out of the lawyer’s armpits, and I thought I was being childish, and then it turns out the stuff came out of his sweat glands. COME ON, GRIMM. I’M TRYING TO BE IMMATURE HERE.

• I saw the frog getting loose coming a mile away, but I still laughed watching Monroe trying to catch the damn thing in the background while Nick and Hank questioned the lawyer.


• And I was duly impressed when Blutbad-mode Monroe tossed the lawyer all the way across Rosalee’s shop into a shelf of potions. He may love his cardigans, but do not mess with Monroe’s woman.

• Next week’s episode: A goddamned fire demon stops by.