Monster Turbine Pro Earbuds Earwax On

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Monster's followup to their decent Turbine budsTurbine Pro—show they're more betterer with gold trim. Listening to them immediately after the Turbines, they definitely sounded better—richer, better balanced, with more presence, kinda like going from Shure's SE110s to SE115s.

Incidentally, the rep claimed all of Shure's buds would fit on the Turbines perfectly, in case you hate the pack Monster provides. But I don't think you will—they fit pretty nicely, and I have picky, small earholes that I apparently need to clean, since the buds pretty slimy when I plucked them out.


I suspected they added another driver to round out the sound—and the $250 pricetag, $100 more than the regular Turbines would support that—but apparently it's still a single dynamic driver, just made with a different designed and different materials. I'm interested to see how they stack up in a more comprehensive review scenario than my quick listen against similarly priced multi-driver buds. They'll be out next month. [Monster]