More Apple Multi-Touch Game Patents Leave Us As Puzzled As Before

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Here's yet another Apple patent. This one has all the elements for creating the Greates Apple Rumor Theory ever, from multi-touch displays and gaming to multiple screens and media players. Clearly, we are witnessing the creation of the next nuclear-powered, worm-hole-inducing gaming platform with mind-reading capabilities. Or something like that. Really, after reading the whole text of the patent, I don't have a clue about what are they talking about:



Techniques for providing input to interactive and multitasking applications are disclosed. A game input area (surface or plane) receives input for multiple applications including an interactive application executed in connection with a scene. The input received is directed to the appropriate application based on one or more locations (e.g., points, positions, regions, portions) of the input area effectively identified when input is received (or entered). In addition, the manner in which input is received (or entered) can be used to determine which application should receive the input. The input area can additionally resemble or approximate the shape of a scene (e.g., game scene) to allow a person to provide input in a more intuitive way. Accordingly, input can be provided in a simple and more intuitive manner by effectively allowing the user to interact with the input area in a way that mimics or approximates a desired action (e.g., moving a ball or bat around by inputting a rotational movement). Examples of such interaction include positional, directional (e.g., rotational), press or pressure input (or movement) which can easily be provided by a thumb or a finger, for example, on a touch screen.

After reading all that mumbo-jumbo, can you tell us what can you imagine this thing means? Write away in the comments. [USPTO via iPhone World]