More Fuel Cell Info for Portable Stuff

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Last week we told you how Panasonic was working on a smaller, Direct Methanol Fuel Cell system to power portable electronics, but there's more going on out there in this category than we thought. Take the fuel cells from Medis Technology, which use borohydride alkaline solutions instead of the Methanol. For under $20, these disposable products promise 30 hours of talk time on mobile phones or about 60 hours of music playback on an MP3 player, though it doesn't look like they can be refueled (at least for consumers—the military may get a refuelable power pack from the company). But don't go out scouring stores just yet, these nifty products won't be for sale until the end of this year.

Disposable Fuel Cell Coming this Year from Medis Technologies [i4u]


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