More iRiver Release Speculations

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Yesterday we touched on some of the rumors surrounding iRiver's latest digital audio player, the N20. Dapreview is reporting that in addition to the N20 coming out soon, iRiver will also be releasing the D25 and the ?10—letter has yet to be determine but the model number will be 10.

The D25 will be an smaller update to the D10 (pictured here). Supposedly it will be an odd dictionary/translator/digital audio player hybrid. The D10 was only released in Asia, so don't get your hope up on the D25 coming stateside. The other new model, the ?10, is one the one worth getting excited over. The reported features say that this device is possibly a tablet PC or UMPC, will include DMB, GPS, maybe a camera and support WiBro. Like the D25, there is a good chance it will only be released to the Asian market, but that doesn't mean we can oooh and aaah over it from the states.


Even more new iRiver models [dapreview]

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