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Bamford and Son's, a fancy men's store in the UK, is offering to paint any iPod you buy from their store with your own favorite colors. The shop is offering to custom-clad your nano or 60GB iPod in your choice of 23 colors, with a veritable riot of shades available including bright yellow, Ferrari red, and an appealingly subtle burgundy hue.

Notice that they also paint on the embossed text (where it says Menu ) and transport indicators as well. From the looks of it, the larger iPod is painted with a contrasting racing stripe, while the nano has a contrasting color for its click wheel. We would assume they leave the chrome back of each iPod untouched.


You'll pay dearly for this privilege, though, because just for the painting alone you'll shell out between $210 and $341, and even at these prices, the store insists that you buy your iPod from them—they won't let you bring your already-purchased iPod for them to paint. So let s see, for a 4GB nano, that ll be $522, or for the 60GB iPod, it s $861? Never mind. We're not spending nearly a grand for a painted pony; let the spinning wheel spin. Might as well wait for Bono s red iPod.

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