More Realistic Evil Dead Costumes Aren’t Possible Short of Cutting Off Your Arm

Holy smokes, these Evil Dead 2 costumes are off the chainsaw. On the left, we've got Kiersten Essenpreis wearing her DIY hat featuring a detailed replica of the forsaken cabin from the film. On the right, her friend Marc is dressed up as the haunted Necronomicon that causes the film's characters so much trouble. And in the middle, Essenpreis' husband is all bloodied up like the hero, Ash. This is how you do Halloween, people.

The costumes are incredibly impressive. The cover of the book opens up to reveal a terrifying skull, and the house has a light that flicks on inside (or flickers on and off, for maximum scary). If you're interested in making your own costume based on the B-horror classic, Essenpreis posted a mini how-to on her site. You might have to wait until next year, though, because it'll be tough to get this radness done at the last second. [ via Geekologie]


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