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More Shots of BlackBerry Storm 2 Leak

Illustration for article titled More Shots of BlackBerry Storm 2 Leak

They appear to be taken by the same person, at the same time, as the last shots we found, though now we've got a little peek under the battery lid and a few more angles.


But we're still mostly in the dark about the Storm 2; we're not sure what improvements RIM's made to the input method or what changes are happening under the hood. But ogle away at these pics, for we should all be grateful at the absence of that damned blurrycam and its inferior photography. [Engadget]

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Gerald Douglas

Can they PLEASE find a way to improve battery life. I really love my Storm but I don't think I should have to charge it every night — and I've turned off the GPS roaming and lowered the resolution dramatically too.