More Touchscreen Blackberry 9000 Rumors

The Blackberry 9000-series phones are rumored to have touchscreen keyboards, and Unstrung is reporting a series of quotes from analyst Carmi Levy about it. Levy could have good sources, or he could be giving us the analyst reach-around, repeating rumors first written about on blogs. I don't know. But if such a device does work, it sure sits in contradiction to RIM CEO Mike Lazaridis's negative comments about the iPhone's touchscreen keyboard. [Unstrung via Crunch]


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he may have made negative comments about the touch interface. But RIM is trying to go consumer, and they cant argue with the popularity of the Iphone and Ipod touch. There is also that niggling trade-off between size of device, sizw of buttons and number of said buttons. Some folks need a full qwerty layout, but dont want a gigantic surfboard in their pocket/purse. My experience is that you rarely use ore than 50% of the keys for any one task. So a touch interface, or OLED buttons would make sense.