Blackberry 9xxx Spy Shots Leaked...Maybe?

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Looks like Boy Genius got his hands on a photo that could be the much-anticipated Blackberry 9000. The black and white photo only shows the front, which appears to be influenced by the iPhone with the screen dominating the front (touchscreen, perhaps?). But Boy Genius came through with a few rumored specs that include 3G HSDPA mobile internet and a 600 MHz processor all set for an early 2008 release. Predictable yes, uncertain perhaps, but exciting none the less. If this is real, the big question is, where's the keyboard? [UPDATE: Boy Genius clarified in the comments section of his post that the photo is not real.][Boy Genius Report]

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@Ben: Sometimes they are right. The idea is being on the cutting edge, the bleeding edge even, and sometimes it gets a little messy. Whether or not they are right every time is irrelevant, if you saw something that was real way before everyone else, then that's part of the reason most people are on blogs like this, to know about new stuff before the average person. So just relax and don't get to emotional attached right off the bat, wait for confirmation.

I wouldn't be surprised if RIM was working on a touch device, possibly aimed at more casual users, you have to branch out of the enterprise demographic eventually, this probably isn't it, but I'm sure they have something up their sleeves.

They are Canadian after all. queue Canadian anthem.