More Windows Mobile 6.1 Features: New Camera UI, AT&T Video Share, Albums

Illustration for article titled More Windows Mobile 6.1 Features: New Camera UI, ATT Video Share, Albums

Boy Genius has a few more details to add to the tons we already know about Windows Mobile 6.1. There's going to be AT&T Video Share support, an "albums" feature, Windows Live integration (uploading, blogging perhaps, which was already supported before with a Windows Live web client), an updated camera UI and TV out. We've already seen TV out on various i-Mate devices, but the other stuff seems both new and welcome. Who's going to turn down an updated camera UI when the current one sucks so hard? [Boy Genius]

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None of those features sound like WM6.1 features. They sound more like third party apps that will integrated into the WM6.1 package ATT will release.

WM6.1 itself is quite boring, with the exception of a some minor tweaks in IE it's not worth the hassle.