Waking up a spacecraft is no simple task. For recent the awakening of comet-chaser Rosetta, the European Space Agency recruited an entire contest of wake-up videos.

The entries ranged from an anime robotica dance video by Canadian Gerald Darroles:

to a black-and-white hand-sketched stop-action animation by Bruno Correia Da Costa of Portugal:

and a lot of anthropomorphic spacecraft, custom songs, collective shouts, multi-lingual good mornings, and countless science teachers rudely awakening their sleeping students:

Each of the Top Ten videos were transmitted via the European Space Agency's 35-meter-diameter deep-space tracking dishes in the past few weeks, making sure that Rosetta and little lander Philae didn't oversleep.


Image credit: ESA. Want the same idea but slightly different? Download the full wallpaper collection here. After bracing for an eternal sleep, the Chinese lunar rover Jade Rabbit also recently awoke from hibernation.