Mortal Kombat Gets One More Movie Chance. We Say No Fatalities, No Dice

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Mortal Kombat was already adapted from a bloody fatality-dealing video game into a tame movie two dismal times. And now, Warner Brothers is hitting the restart button on the franchise yet again. But will it finally have the all-important fatalities?

Bloody Disgusting has a tip that WB has its eye on yet another Mortal Kombat movie. Oren Uziel, whose past scripts have made the 2009 Black List, is in talks to write the script(s). Our biggest issues with the past films was their total utter lack of gore and spine-ripping death. This was the only reason to play this fighting game: to watch Scorpion shred the flesh off of his stunned victims. We can not bear another crappy Mortal Kombat movie, unless there is violence, buckets of blood, and Jean-Claude Van Damme recreating Johnny Cage's fatality sequence.

At least this news gives us the excuse to post this hilarious sketch about how Mortal Kombat isn't really a tournament at all.


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And here is a collection of fatalities — my personal favorite is when Cyrax pulls the Predator kill.