The weather is beautiful. But you know what else is quite ravishing? The beaucoup pieces of design, art, and architecture we had you feasting your eyes on this week, from a plan for New York's collapsing harbors to LED wallpaper. Here are some of our favorites:

Even Boring Weather Is Stunning Through a Satellite's Eyes

This dynamic GIF of the Earth was created by images captured by the GOES-14 weather satellite on May 22. There's nothing outstanding about the weather report on this particular day, but look at how the GIF shows our blue marble moving and breathing in black and white. Lovely!


Let Your Walls Light Up the Room With LED Wallpaper

Who needs lamps when you can make your walls literally light up on their own? They can if you cover them with a coating of LED wallpaper. Wallpaper might be a little past its prime, but with a little infusion of tech and some neat geometric designs, maybe it's time to reconsider.

Disco Balls Can Actually Facilitate Art, Not Just Boogying Down

Putting 50 mirrored balls in a semi-lighted room seems like a terrible idea. Actually it seems like a great idea for a rave and a bad idea for an art installation. But it worked out pretty well at the CLICK Festivalin Denmark.

This Is the Propane Tank Bench of Hank Hill's Dreams

The King of the Hill definitely never went this far with his love for an open flame. Meet Colin Selig, a California designer who fabricates sleek, sinuous couches out of metal sheets cut from empty propane tanks.


Zaha Hadid's First Storefront Puts a Living Legend Up Close

Even if you don’t get down with her brand of extreme formalism, it’s hard to deny that Zaha Hadid is a living legend. Hadid is one of the only female architects to have ever won the Pritzker Prize (well, unless you count those who were mysteriously excluded by the Pritzker jury) and the force behind some of the more…

The Golden Gate Bridge Looked Even More Stunning Before It Had a Road

The Golden Gate Bridge is almost certainly the world's most iconic bridge, and one of the country's most-photographed landmarks. But here, you see it in a state only a handful of people ever witnessed: reaching across the San Francisco Bay for the very first time.


Four Glamorous New Penn Station Designs (That We Shouldn't Build Yet)

This year, for the first time since it was built in 1968, Madison Square Garden’s operation permit is up for renewal. Which means that the fate of New York’s most-loathed transit clusterfuck, Penn Station, is also suddenly up for discussion. This week, four architecture firms presented sparkling, well-rendered…

Can China Really Build the World's Tallest Building in 90 Days?

The race to build the world’s tallest building has taken on an urgent tone these past few years. Like the mountaineers of the 1930s, or the astronauts of the 1960s, the developers struggling to out-build each other are also struggling to articulate something deeper—something that smacks of national (or maybe economic) …


How New York Could Save Its Collapsing Harbors

New York is forever on the verge of some kind of collapse. We worry about the next big storm. Or a the next economic downturn. Or just a good ol’ rat tsunami. But last year, the New York City Economic Development Corporation (or NYCEDC) called our attention to a very immediate—and underreported—crisis: The decay of…