Most Beautiful Items: November 29 - December 6, 2013

There is some truly incredible stuff in this round of the most beautiful items of the week. Yayoi Kusama's infinity rooms? You'll be dying to check them out. Museums that are actually made of gingerbread? You're mouth will be watering over them. Besides those, there are plenty of other wonders of art architecture and design below:

Dream home: a floating glass house—or superhero headquarters


Otto reports that "Dutch firm Paul de Ruiter Architects has won the ARC13 architecture prizefor their project Villa Kogelhof," which is a great excuse to feature this awesome floating house, masterfully photographed by Jeroen Musch.

Seeing fog roll through a mountain is like seeing a horde of ghosts

I'm supposed to know better. Fog is a phenomenon of weather. It's a low cloud hanging near the ground. It's shrouded moisture. It's not a haunting ghost. It's not from another planet. But why does this hypnotic time lapse of fog rolling through the Rocky Mountains from Richard Gottardo feel so supernatural?

None of these awesome photos has been digitally modified



Each of the photos in this collection took weeks—some even months—of preparation. They were prepared and shot by a JeeYoung Lee, a Korean artist who just has a camera, a ridiculously tiny 11.8 x 13.4 x 7.8-foot studio and lots of patience and talent to build her dreamscapes.


Ogle These Screws Used To Hang Famous Works Of Art


What is art? Well—it's subjective, that's for sure, and context can have a heck of an impact on how we think about what we see. Marcelo Pena Costa decided to have a bit of unauthorized fun following the ArtRio fair earlier this year: once the show had closed down and shipped out, the Brazilian creative director snuck in and nabbed some of the forgotten screws used to hold up works that themselves were worth a fortune.

These museums are actually unbelievable gingerbread houses


Anyone trying to make a gingerbread house for the holidays this year can pretty much give up right now. Just eat everything instead because no matter what you do, you can't possibly top the artistry of these gingerbread museums.

This Incredible Portrait of Morgan Freeman Was Painted on an iPad


Remember iPad art? Like those New Yorker covers that look, well, basically just okay? Or thehobby that David Hockney had for like ten seconds? Well British artist Kyle Lambert's been practicing, and he's gotten good.

Explore the Extraordinary, Glittering Infinity Rooms of Yayoi Kusama


Judging by the long lines that have snaked around Chelsea's David Zwirner gallery this week, it seems that New York has found its next big blockbuster art installation: I Who Have Arrived in Heaven, a spectacular and intense show by 84-year-old Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama—we got a chance to film inside.

This 360-Degree Art Installation Starts Over If Your Phone Rings


It's always distracting if your phone so much as vibrates when you're trying to focus on something. Knowing that, artistic collective Tundra created the Void, a 360-degree audiovisual installation that'll straight up stop if your phone rings.

A First Look at Tomorrow's Super-Stadiums for Gamers


The future of gaming? Huge stadiums, like those for football and soccer, with cavernous interiors and screaming fans. That's the vision of Kansas City-based architects Populous, designers of sports venues all over the world, including London's 2012 Olympic stadium.

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