Illustration for article titled Motorboard 2000XR Electric Mini Scooter Will Let You Scoot Your Heart Out

The Motorboard 2000XR is to scooters what sex is to reproduction: the awesome bit that will make you accidentally do something you secretly do not want to, in this case, that would be commuting. The machine packs in twin motors with a two-hour charge time, tops out at 15 mph and weighs a portable 16.5 lbs. The battery will give you five miles of assisted scooting, but thereafter you will have to do it the Flintstone's way and kick your way onwards.


Still, beats having your battery powered car's cell run dry; how are you supposed to move that trunk of junk? ...My humps, my humps, my hu—sorry. If you have $799.00 burning a hole in your wallet, may we have your cash carrier? Failing that, why not get yourself a Motorboard 2000XR and dilly-dally into the sunset, Mr. Moneybags? [Product Page via Red Ferret]


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