Motorola DH02: Moto's Third Mobile TV In As Many Months

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OK, not to punch the weakling when he's down on all fours, but this is quite a tale of WTF: First, at CES, Moto unveils a plan for the DH01 Mobile TV with MicroSD card reader and DVB-H for terrestrial reception (where available). Then, it upgrades to the DH01n, adding GPS and a Tele Atlas map set for turn-by-turn driving. Finally, Moto decides what the thing really needs is a cellphone inside. Today Moto announces the DH02, all of the above goodness plus HSDPA connectivity and a touchscreen interface with "intuitive click, drag and scroll icon-based menus" to boot. (No video or photo of that, however.) All I can say is, good luck to you, Moto, whatever the hell it is you're doing. [Motorola]



Most companies just immediately come out with an iPhone clone. Motorola is a lot smarter than that. They keep releasing subsequent upgrades to an initial design each month, and in another four months we will finally have the Motorola iRazr. Since it was an evolving product, they will avoid the normal litigation process, and ultimately end up with a product no one will buy anyway. It is brilliant.