Motorola DH02: Moto's Third Mobile TV In As Many Months

OK, not to punch the weakling when he's down on all fours, but this is quite a tale of WTF: First, at CES, Moto unveils a plan for the DH01 Mobile TV with MicroSD card reader and DVB-H for terrestrial reception (where available). Then, it upgrades to the DH01n, adding GPS and a Tele Atlas map set for turn-by-turn driving. Finally, Moto decides what the thing really needs is a cellphone inside. Today Moto announces the DH02, all of the above goodness plus HSDPA connectivity and a touchscreen interface with "intuitive click, drag and scroll icon-based menus" to boot. (No video or photo of that, however.) All I can say is, good luck to you, Moto, whatever the hell it is you're doing. [Motorola]


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