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Motorola Doesn't Love Android That Much After All

Illustration for article titled Motorola Doesnt Love Android That Much After All

Talking to the WSJ about the new Motorola, CEO Sanjay Jha had some interesting stuff to say. Like, if Motorola wasn't poor, they'd develop their own OS. And now that Windows Phone doesn't suck, they're open to using it again.


Motorola has been balls-out Android since its resurrection—when Windows Mobile ran into delays, Jha killed product development with the OS to keep the company afloat. Motorola's less wobbly now, especially since the spinoff, so now Jha's planning things like using the Motoblur interface with Motorola's set-top boxes, just like its phones. But it's still curious to hear him openly step away from Android, the software that arguably saved Motorola, telling the WSJ, "If I had more money for R&D, I'd be developing an operating platform."


And talking more specifically about phones and Windows Phone 7, Jha says, "I'm open to it...I think I need diversity in our portfolio." Who needs diversity when you've got love? Oh, well, nevermind. [WSJ via PhoneScoop]

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I am curious, how tied to a specific OS are most phones? How difficult would it be to put an android OS on a non-android phone? Impossible? too difficult to be worth it? It seems to me like some of the top end hardware wise phones should have enough processing power to run an emulator to put a different OS on them, like the HTC HD2 for example.