Motorola Droid Reviewed: "You're Going To Love It"

Boy Genius came away with a great first impression of the Motorola Droid, but their expanded review of a pre-release version of the handset reveals more about why it might have the right stuff to take on the iPhone.


We already knew that they loved the build quality, but in this in-depth review we found out more about the Droid's functionality and performance. BGR felt the Droid "sounded great as a phone" and that it made calls quickly and smoothly. It also works great with Google Voice—natch. They continued to rave about the large capacitive screen calling it "crisp, sharp, vibrant, bright, and really, really responsive." No problems with the batter life either—it was deemed the best of any Android device they ever tested. Officially, it is supposed to get 6.5 hours of continual usage and around 270 hours of standby. These figures weren't confirmed, but they did say that they could easily get a day's worth of usage (with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth disabled). Definitely impressive for a user-replaceable battery.

As far as the keyboard is concerned, BGR found some flaws: the feedback was lacking, keys were a bit too close together and the directional pad can be wonky at times. However, they were pleased with its performance overall. What's most interesting about this is that they used the opportunity to drop a little nugget about the possibility of Motorola building a keyboard-less version. To this end they definitively stated "they are."

Again, this unit isn't final so it is conceivable that the Droid could get even better before launch. Either way, it seems like Motorola and Android might have a winner on their hands. Check out BGR for the full review [BGR]

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