Motorola Expands ROKR Music Phone Line with PEBL U9

Illustration for article titled Motorola Expands ROKR Music Phone Line with PEBL U9

Just like with the MotoRIZR Z6, Motorola is taking an old phone and placing the ROKR moniker on it, essentially turning it into a badged music phone. This time they're taking the Moto PEBL U9 and making it a Moto ROKR U9.

It's got RAZR2-like music controls, mini USB headphones (no 3.5mm jack), and the same round PEBL design. PhoneScoop is guessing that the "9" in U9 will mean this is going to have 3G, like other 9-series phones from Motorola, but it's still unconfirmed. [Phonescoop]

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Hey OMG-PONIES, watch the PEBL diss comments. I paid good money to buy one for my girlfriend (now wife) and she loves that thing more than her Coach purse! (Actually, I agree, the only cool thing that phone has is the spring-load hinge, but it's a great chick phone)

Anyway, I just like seeing innovation in any form, whether it's form factor, texture, shape, or features.