Motorola ic502 Gets FCC Approval

The Motorola ic502, which is poised to become the first iDEN/CDMA dual mode cellphone, just received approval from the FCC, paving the way for its introduction on Sprint. Also known as the RACER, the ic502 supports the different mobile technologies to varying degress; iDEN support is limited to dispatch only, making calling this a dual mode cellphone a bit of a stretch.

Aside from its support, however limited, of CDMA and iDEN, the ic502 also features that not-annoying-at-all walkie-talkie mode, whose telltale beeps have driven Americans mad for years now, speakerphone and other standard features. You won't, however, find EVDO support, so it's not exactly the most advanced phone on the market. Price and release date are still up in the air.


ic502 listed on FCC Site [HowardForums via Phone Arena]

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