Motorola Q Now On Sale at Verizon Website

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It's official, Verizon began selling the Motorola Q smartphone on its website. We gave the site a try last night around midnight, and it wasn't working very well at all. In fact, it gave us a great big error message, and we got lots of tips telling us everyone else was seeing the same results. Seems better this morning.

Verizon, the only game in town selling the Q so far, is offering the phone for $199.99 after a $100 instant rebate. However, this price is only for a new two-year activation, where you'll be required to sign up for at least the lowest-priced plan at $79.99 a month. Upgrades from existing plans will certainly cost a lot more than $199.99. We're hearing inventory may be available by this weekend in stores as well.

Get your new Motorola Q [Verizon]