Motorola Q Pimped by Verizon

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The hype run-up to the Motorola Q continues, where Verizon Wireless taunts us with its flash-y site chirping about how the "weight is over." We're thinking the phone will be available next week, but there's no evidence on this site revealing when we'll see the "world's slimmest smartphone" from Verizon Wireless, which will be the first to offer the product.

We did notice that, unfortunately, Verizon's version of the Q doesn't have those cool blue highlights of the press photos we've seen from Motorola. The big Jay Leno chin on the bottom of the Q sure gives Verizon an expansive canvas on which to festoon its logo, though.

Bring it, we're ready.

Verizon Motorola Q Hype Site (Thanks, Donny!)