Motorola Q Pro Spotted Again, Next to Lesser Q

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The upgraded Motorola Q has been spotted yet again. This time it is resting cozily next to its lesser, insignificant brother, the regular Q. It looks like Motorola ditched the red letter seen earlier for some normal, white letters.


Not much info. My friend just told me it was "fast", so I'm betting it has HSDPA/UMTS.

Hopefully this Q will be a bit better so people will stop their bitching already.

Motorola Q2/GSM Q Live Picture [HowardForums]



stop their bitching? I paid hard earned cash for a phone to not be glitchy as hell, shut off randomly, and generally be difficult to deal with.

too many people have been through multiple Q's, including myself. if the product has a horrible failure rate, why the hell even release it?