Motorola Xoom Lands at Best Buy February 17

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The Motorola Xoom, the much ballyhooed Honeycomb-equipped tablet that grabbed our eyeballs and wouldn't let go at CES, should be settling into Best Buy store shelves on February 17, according to leaked internal docs seen here.


Price is still not entirely confirmed, but an $800 rumor has been floating around for a while. A bit steep, to be sure, but the promise of a tablet-optimized Android OS in a 10-inch frame—finally!—is certainly appealing now, isn't it? Find a quick review of the insides here if you're still curious.


Guess we'll see when we finally get our hands on this, the first in a long line of tablets set to launch in 2011 [Engadget]

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The Xoom is evidently over priced. If this is true and other things we've read are true as well - we have an overpriced product combined with their own hideous UI (which is not the Honeycomb UI).

They are obviously trying to compete with Apple, but they keep taking steps backward all the time.

There is simply no reason that an Android tablet should cost as much (or more) than an iPad - at least not at this stage of the game. You've basically got something someone else developed and *gave* to you for free. In addition, it is in the early developmental stages.

I'm wondering if the Motorola executives are delusional - seriously.

Motorola just keeps screwing it up.

It is rather amazing to think that once upon a time - Motorola was the king of the hill in their particular field. Now, they are just digging their own grave.