Motorola Xooms Will Receive Software Update Today, Enabling Flash Download for the 18th

Verizon Wireless is pushing out a software update for Motorola Xooms today, which will allow users to download Flash Player 10.2 from the Android Market when it becomes available next Friday, the 18th of March. The update also includes clock adjustments for daylight savings time. [Verizon]

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I'm sooooo stoked! Purchased gen1 ipad last year and it took less than three days to realize just how dull the web is without Flash and how many lush, media-rich sites ipad users are missing out on. Add to this the cripped Bluetooth stack (no mic supported for bluetooth headsets, -a standard feature that's been around for 5+ years, included on every phone, and intentionally cripped by crapple to block VOIP use), no SD expansion, no USB ports, no HDMI ports, the ban of ALL 802.11/wifi auditing tools from the app store (legitimate tools anyone using wifi could benefit from to locate AP channel info, as well as signal strength, encryption stats), no filesystem, requiring users to utilize a bloated digital jukebox (itunes) to activate and transfer files to/from their tablet, a 1024x768 display that conjures of memories of Windows98 -the list goes on and on. Fast forward one year later, gen2/ipad2 arrives, -none of the above has changed and its absolutely unacceptable. Pick up a Xoom, ah, a breath of fresh air. It's all built in, as it should be, and wide open to config as you wish, with full support by the team which brought it to us. Twice the amount of RAM (1GB!) ,a kick ass display, and a camera that actually produces great pics doesn't hurt too bad either! Honeycomb/Xoom = huge win. March 18th, Flash!!!