Motorola's Knocking $100 Off Unlocked Moto X for One Hour on Monday

Holding out for a better price on an unlocked Moto X? Keep waiting until Monday—then scramble like your hair's on fire, because Motorola's cutting off-contract prices by $100 between 3 and 4PM EST on January 27th.


How's that work? On Monday, January 27th, Motorola will have a registration form available at this link. Don't bother clicking it now, it's blank until Monday at 3PM EST. Submitting the form will deliver a one-time promo code to your email. When you order a no-contract Moto X, the code will drop the price by $100, meaning you could be out the door with an unlocked X for just $300. Add $25 if you want a fancy wood back.

So basically, this deal is like a Black Friday doorbuster. Just, y'know, without the bloodshed. [Motorola via The Verge]

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