Moto's Bike-Powered Phone Charger

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This is for those of you out there who like to combine outdoor sports with your love of gadgets. Yes, both of you. Listen up.


Just hook this up to your bike to make sure you don't run out of juice on those long rides by getting your phone recharged via your sweaty pedaling. It would be cool if this could charge other things too, like GPS navigators, digital cameras, or portable music players. This was designed with countries who don't have ready access to electricity in mind, so the more devices it can adapt to the better, don't you think.

Aving [via MobileMag]



I've been keeping my eye on the Motofone F3 as well (the cell pictured above). It seems to have rolled out early this year for sales abroad, but to date I have only seen it as dual-band GSM and not the tri-band or quad-band needed in the US. I see them on ebay every now and then, but they're selling for $100+, not the initially promised $50. I'm optimistic that they'll ship state-side soon.