Movie Theaters Apply Tourniquet, Attempt to Show Live 3D Sports

Is it just me or does this sound like the death knell for movie theaters? For those not in the know, we are no longer going to the movies. In fact, we're so not going to the movies that movie theatres are planning on showing live 3D sports during the week so, I don't know, you can leave work and go sit in a movie theater with glasses on for two hours? Well, there's going to be beer and hot dogs, but WTF?

"We want to transition our theaters from being traditional movie theaters to being community entertainment destinations, and what better way to do this than sports?" said Shari Redstone, president of the National Amusements Inc. theater chain.


Yeah, right. Community entertainment destinations are, at best, now called restaurants and at worst called "your couch and big honking TV"

Movie theaters aim for live 3D sports in 2007 [Reuters]