Movie to Be Created by MySpace Users; It Will Suck

It what is destined to become the biggest failure since Waterworld, British MySpace users will collectively create a movie for consumption by the general public. It is speculated that it will include a lot of sparkles, 5 seconds of crappy music at the start of every scene, and be written by a collection of half-retarded, ADD-affected preteens. Oh, and the moral of it will be about avoiding pedophiles, just to please lawyers and parents.

The director will be chosen through a contest with the prize being the directing job on the $2 million project. Then the brilliant minds of the general MySpace populous will be included in every step of the production, from acting and writing to marketing and development. Yes, this sounds like the premise of a mediocre video sketch that you'd see advertised on the MySpace main page and wouldn't click on, but it's terrifyingly real. Prepare yourself.


MySpace offers £1m directing job [BBC]

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