Moxi HD DVR Now Available for $40 a Month

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If you were tempted by the Moxi HD DVR but $800 was too much to pay up front, you can get it in 20 monthly payments of $40 at the end of the week, including the service.


The payment options—which are made through PayPal—is available in all but 13 states and the District of Columbia because of legal restrictions, but the company says the may extend it later to all the states depending on the consumer response. You can also get it in four payments of $199.75.

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LOL ... [] is their web address.

Moxi even has a price comparison with TIVO for 4 year ownership

Moxi $799 Tivo HD XL $599

Subscription fees

Moxi - None Tivo $399 Lifetime

$621.60 montly for 48 mo


Moxi $799 Tivo $998 - $1220.60

Who is crazier ???